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Over these years, the economical development has outgrown the mental health concerns in Taiwan. Varieties of abnormal behavior such as substance abuse, alcoholism, suicide, and violence have endangered the public health and led to serious social issues. Moreover, the increased prevalences of various chronic illness have challenged the policy of public health to effective solutions of prevention and treatment. Local professionals involved in the prevention and treatment for these abnormal behavior and their related problems are far less in number as compared to that in USA. Thus, foster of professionals whose expertises and interests are either in basic research or clinical practice, in this regard, is urgent and essential. In 1996, Institute of behavioral medicine was founded upon the approval of the Department of Education in response to these demands. Enrollment of graduate students started in August, 1997. Initially, this Institute comprised of 4 graduate programs of study. They were clinical Psychology, Social and Health behavior, Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychiatric Medicine. Staring from 2000, these graduate programs were reorganized into 3 groups: Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Psychiatric medicine. Up to 2014, We have trained 195 alumn, And we have 5 faculty(including 1 Gathers hires Professors).
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