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Future development

With respect to the international collaboration, the faculty at the Institute have conducted a number of studies in collaboration with other investigators at well-known universities around the world, including Yale University,Harvard University, and Iowa University. Moreover, the collaborative research will be expanded to include more prestigious universities. With regard to the national connection, a number of faculty from the Department of Psychiatry at National Defense Medical College, Kaoshiung Medical College, and the Department of Psychology of National Chung Chian University have been working on a great body of studies. Extensive cooperation in teaching including distant teaching, course exchanges, and resource sharing between the Institute and National Chung Chian University has been proceeding.

Regarding the service and promotion in mental health, Consultation Center for Mental Hygiene and Health Promotion affiliated by the Institute has been organized, in part, to provide the opportunity of clinical practice and furnishes mental health consultation to around the community University. In addition, the service for the University community could comprise the individual and group consultation for mental hygiene and health promotion, workshops, and addresses on the public education of mental hygiene. To enhance the retraining quality for the crew member in medicine, the Institute vigorously hold varieties of meetings, workshops, and talks sponsored by the Department of Hygiene, medical network, the Labor Committee, Associations and Societies for enhancing the continuing education. Finally, Faculty and Graduate students are strongly involved in the professional training and supervision for the mental hygiene-related organizations in Tainan.