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We currently have Clinical Psychology Program, Behavioral Neuroscience Program and Psychiatric Medicine Program

Clinical Psychology Program
1.This program is designed to equip students with knowledge and skill in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology for (1)analyzing the causes of abnormal behavior and mental disorders as well as their impact on health and physical illness  (psychopathology); (2)utilizing reliable and effective evaluating tools and designs to assess the abnormal behavior and mental disorders (behavioral and psychological assessment); (3)employing efficient skills to modify abnormal behavior and mental disorders (behavioral modification or psychotherapy) to achieve the-state-of-the-art level in prognosis therapy, rehabilitation, and prevention of mental illness.
2.Graduate students are expected to be strongly motivated to conduct scientific research on unsolved and important issues of the causality of mental disorders, the interaction of mental illness and physical health, behavioral assessment and modification via objective, replicable procedures and methods. Moreover, discussion and suggestions extended from the research results are obligated to be disseminated by the graduate students in the peer-reviewed journals.
3.Social involvement and devotedness are especially encouraged in this program. Graduate students are anticipated to provide service, including consultation, educational and training workshops and related activities in an attempt to promote physical and psychological health.

Behavioral Neuroscience & Psychiatric Medicine Program
1.These two programs are designed to equip students with current and edge-writing research skills and methodology in Behavioral Neuroscience and Molecular genetics.
2.Graduate students are expected to develop an academic career to employ the empirical science to investigate the cause and the underlying mechanisms of mental diseases.