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Department counselor

My dear, warm, and life-cherishing students:

    Hi! I am your department counselor, Ching-Yi, also called Money. Nice to meet you all, hope you can know more about me through the following introduction. I am a straightforward person that someone says I am child-like or naïve. My professional interest focuses on psychology, and I love to enjoy the nature and to go outside.

Although we live in a stressful era, every challenge and experience will be valuable. Let's treasure every moment that make our mind flow. When we confront challenges, try to listen to our heart, try to be aware of ourselves, and try to find our resources. Just believe we all are experts in our lives, we can find our well-being, and learn to admire ourselves. I would like to be a company for you. We will think over and strive together. Let the challenge full of inspiration; let the exploration full of hope!



Department: Mechanical Engineering, Chinese Literature, Medicine, College of Bioscience & Biotechnology; Biochemistry, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Behavioral Medicine, Basic Medical Science.

Background: Graduate institute of Guidance and Counseling, NKNU

Licenses: Counseling Psychologist (Taiwan), Hypnotherapist (NGH, USA),

Aroma therapist (NAHA, USA)

Specialty: Self exploration, interpersonal relationship, debriefing group, emotional management, relaxation skills training.

PhilosophyCrisis could be a Chance」~Life is an adventurous journey with exploration and expansion.

TEL06-2757575 # 50333


Office1F, 1st dormitory, CHING-YEH CAMPUS

Student Counseling Division


öLecture: topics about mental health, stress management, gender relationship, life education.

öConsulting: providing advice or assistance about mental or behavior problems.

öPsychological testing: using psychological tests to help you to understand your interests, career choice, personality, mental health, and interpersonal patterns.

öReferral: referring students to psychiatrists if needed.

öCounseling: providing individual or group counseling for mental or behavior problem.

öCase management: for specific or high risk case.